About Us

Gear Express is a wholesale audio visual dry-hire business. And if you don’t know what that means, we’re probably not for you.

We only do business with people in the business, renting our state of the art, good as new AV equipment to registered clients who do not need the add on services that come standard with so many other AV equipment hire companies.

So if you need the very latest AV equipment delivered fast at wholesale rates…call us, call us now…


THE ELEVEN BEST THINGS about gear express

  1. Big range – heaps of items available to hire, and if we don’t have it, we will buy it, straight away
  2. Latest equipment – being ahead of the game is a little obsession of ours
  3. Near new equipment – no dusty dinosaurs allowed…everything is turned over every six months so everything is always in awesome condition
  4. Rates – wholesale prices that include an inbuilt margin for you
  5. Demand pricing – just like airline tickets, if you book ahead or if what you need is not that popular (think midnight flights to Adelaide), you pay less
  6. Simple processes – for ordering[online], deliveries[scheduled], problem resolution[talk to us] and payment[automated]
  7. Clean skin cases – all cased equipment will appear unbranded to the naked eye and delivery labels will have your logo on them, so our stuff looks like your own
  8. Just in cases – our vans are stocked with the most commonly needed gear in addition to your order so we can meet last minute requirements at a moment’s notice
  9. Random emergencies – we also stock common consumables to help you out of a jam, so if you run out of gaff or need some lipstick we can sort you out
  10. No competition – we don’t and we never will provide AV production services to the market, so you’re not hiring from your competitors
  11. Fun to deal with – even though we take technology, your needs and your timelines very seriously, we believe it doesn’t hurt to have a laugh along the way